a strange encounter

Davide Perico is a keyboardist, bassist, composer of music for films and games, and producer with over 20 years of experience.
Yoshimitsu 4432 is a true guitar hero, and being a rock star nothing is known about him. Not even Davide knows his age, or his face.
We are two artists who accidentally met online. Davide while writing some reviews on Submithub listened to a song by Yoshimitsu, he was fascinated by it,
he contacted him to ask him for a Spotify link and insert that song in one of the playlists he is the curator of.
Well, they kept in touch from here, until Davide asked Yoshimitsu to play some guitar parts for a music for a game,
and he liked them so much that the idea of trying to make music together was automatic.
It was musical love at first sight.
Music is our job, and we all know how today, unfortunately, this can have little to do with art.
Our collaboration is our place to make art, from two opposite points of the planet (Milan and Tokyo),
without any constraints, Pure joy of making the music we love.