Davide Perico
International Symbolic Art Film Festival

Modern look on life has transformed drastically since the creation of digital. Digital imagery is both existent and non-existent at the same time. It bases its origins from the surface of the
screen, not from the material world. You can see it, it can have an impact on your consciousness, but it doesn’t have physical embodiment. It’s enough to press the button to
completely vanish it, like it never existed.
At the same time digital information has no age, its quality doesn’t decline with time, it’s basically immortal in our coordinate system, but it has worked out its own form of death:
glitching, unregulated visual deformations, pieces of information randomly gone missing.
All these phenomenons are as vast and hard to process as life itself, so eventually people started to build up theories upon it, that the world itself is a somewhat of a digital projection,
and human life is just a partial beam of pixels trapped in it.
Music video “Space D” by David Perico is a visual fantasia generated by the author’s consciousness based on his auditory associations on the subject. There’s hardly anything
more representing humans than the eye image, and by projecting it on multiple constantly changing surfaces of a digital maze, the author illustrated his personal anxious experience.
It’s basically a metaphysical matrix afterlife concept.
He also emphasized the paradox: origins of digital come from humans, and humans have a digital origin themselves. It’s a mystery we are yet to unravel, but David Perico made a
strong attempt towards it.
-Alexandra Dahnovskaya.

Prog Rock Scenes
Extremely interesting music. An introduction that, for me, mixed psychedelic with electronic. Upon entering the guitar, the song showed all its value. An extremely well done recording, well defined bass and an extremely pleasurable listening solo. Extremely different music, the way I like it. The clip moved me a lot, especially after the entry of the second guitar solo. The end of the song is wonderful. Congratulations to the whole band!

Free Indie Culture
Space D brings the listener directly to the moon and back. Nice sound, exquisite mood, lovely track to relax

Damn, that was a damn good track! Nice atmosphere, super cool mixture of different sounds and influences! Great video as well. Definitely stoked to hear the full record, will definitely follow!

I really enjoyed your song. Beautiful meditative atmosphere. Loved the sounds. Very cool production.

Pupila Playlist
Often, a song doesn’t need a vocal interpreting some lyrics for us to get the idea! This is the case with your music! It conveys feeling through the sound itself! It’s a delicate, intense, emotional and beautifully recorded composition! One element completes the other, and this takes us on a journey deep into the universe you created!

Barry Gruff
Powerful, captivating and colourful slice of cinematic post-rock; it is dramatic, cinematic and transfixing as guitars lines glimmer and shimmer amid a sea of atmospherics – it is epic and dramatic and escapist!

Davide Perico
International Symbolic Art Film Festival

This is the second work by Davide Perico established in our festival. Another audio-visual Fantasia but with a different approach.
The author, being a paramount musician, goes off a sound impression and then puts it into the space of digital postmodern. “Zero atmospheres” is a reflection to fragility and
evanescence of human existence.
He starts off with an image of the sand being an ultimate symbol of volatility and destruction and constant movement. Isn’t the time in general all about it?
Then he continues his point with showing those processes on a scale of everything manmade. Nothing has a chance to survive under pressure of the power of time’s evaporation: it
is all supposed to ash.
And lastly, Perico suggests a human figure to become a dumb spectator of it all, gifting a moment of hope. But at the very end you can be convinced in the gloominess of the author’s
intentions: he is just playing with you, there’s no man anymore, just a shell, that will evaporate with the rest of human evidence.
He chose a black and white color scheme to root the human absence: if there’s no human eye, there can’t be colors it is familiar to, same thing with familiar coordinate system and laws of physics. No spectator – no rules at all.
Another multilayered metaphysical idea the author feels completely comfortable playing around with.
-Alexandra Dahnovskaya.