Faith in the atom

This is our attempt to escape from the state of non-existence.
We are convinced that only science can help us. this is the beginning of a frenetic race against time,
looking for a solution in the knowledge of the structure of matter.
DY3-thx12-4432 – Faith in the atom [Official Music Video]
from the album “Dark Planet”
CG Art By Davide Perico Editing By Yoshimitsu4432

Freeze Ambi

Tired of their hectic and schizophrenic lives,

Davide and Yoshimitsu stopped to watch the ice crystals form,

and were trapped in a timeless dimension.

Space D

The thinking self is trapped in a labyrinth of multimedia artifices and illusions.


Davide and Yoshimitsu, trapped in the ice crystals of the planet Freeze Ambi,
wondered if all those reflections of themselves were an illusion,
or infinite copies of their existences.

Zero Atmospheres

In an extreme attempt to free himself from the captivity and deceptions of the planet Freeze Ambi,
Davide and Yoshimitsu crossed the ancient forgotten city,
where no form of life can ever survive again, after the well-known cataclysm.